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Our Aim

We hope to provide quality time for students from primary school students to elderly. We carry out workshops at our studio in Causeway Bay, schools, special events and corporate activities.


Through paper art; feeling different textured material and even mistakes, our workshop encourages students to try and learn new things with their own hands than to receive feeds from the Internet mindlessly everyday. We hope our workshop can boost up patience, critical thinking and creativity.

Our special project for SEN students at mainstream schools also hope to help them to build a healthy relationship with other regular students to increase their sense of belonging at school and improve their behaviour. Due to confidentiality, we would not disclose any SEN students identity in all our workshop, SEN students' parents may feel free to let us know their expectations and concerns.

About Us

HappiKami is organised by Happihood Creations, a design house in Hong Kong, aiming to create a happy livelihood through art and design. Sharing the same aim of Happihood Creations, HappiKami is dedicated to cheer up everyone through paper art and recycling workshop.

In 2017, we are funded by Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) to develop a systematic course to help Special Educational Needs (SEN) students studying at mainstream school.

Why us?

With our design background, our workshop is not only about craft, but also about style. Most of our paper are left over from the design jobs of our mother company, Happihood Creations, which have unique patterns and colours,  provides a larger range of possibility and eco-friendly.


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